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Bekky Meier


Bekky has danced with the Ballet Studio since the age of 4.  At the age of 12 she was asked to be in the Ballet Studio’s Teacher’s Training Program.  She assisted for classes in Ballet under the tutelage of Mrs Binstead.  At the age of 16 she was asked to teach a class under the direction of Mrs Binstead and Bekky continues to teach today 23 years later.

 As a dedicated individual to her students she jumped at the chance to learn new materials well as keeping abreast of the latest dance trends in the dance world.  Going to summer schools , dance conventions (Triple Threat, Groove Street) and Dance Competitions (5678 Showtime, American Dance Awards, Chilliwack Festival of Dance, Footloose, Dance Power ) Kept her abreast of the dance world.

Mrs Meier has performed at her high school in their drama productions.  Choreographed for the shows in New York, Disney and on the cruise  ships and for competitions. Receiving her Gold Standing in Jazz with the CDTA and able to enter students for their Jazz exams.

As a dedicated dancer until 2004 and a teacher since 1998 Mrs Meier brings knowledge and experience to her teaching.  We are extremely happy to have her on staff.

Teaches Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Stage, Hip hop.

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