Physical Distancing squares

Covid 19 – Policies and Procedures


As we continue to navigate the COVID -19 pandemic, we remain committed in following the guidelines under the Provincial Health Authority, WorkSafeBC and the District of Abbotsford


We take our role as members of your community seriously. Here are the procedures and protocols we have in place to promote a safe reopening.


~ Only dancers and faculty will be permitted to enter the building and attendance daily will be taken.



Physical Distancing

~ Each room is marked with Social distancing squares.

~ All students must maintain physical distancing while in and out of class. This will be accomplished by educating the students on the rules upon their first arrival.



Drop off / Pick up

~ One Student will be entering at a time. They should wait in your car or on the social distancing lines in front of the studio.

 ~ The students in a mask will be let out one at a time to put on their shoes and exit the building.



~ Students and staff are required to sanitize their hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizers will be placed inside studios and at key points throughout the studio.



~ To reduce the numbers of people in the building there will be no indoor waiting area. While students are in class parents should wait in their vehicles, please drop off and pick up at the door. Only students will be permitted in the bathroom area at a time.


~ Masks are required to be worn in lobby area till students enter the studio.


Class Sizes

~ Class sizes have been reduced to allow 6Ft distance between everyone.


~ Students are asked to arrive ready for class and to avoid changing at the studio. Hair must be worn in a tight bun, pony tail or braids.



Health Checks

~ All Students are to perform a health check before coming into the studio and verbally confirm upon entry that they are free of symptoms.


Water Bottle

 ~ Students must bring their own LABELLED water bottle.


Limiting Personal Items

~ Please bring only the bare minimum items to class. There will be minimum storage available. Cell phones can carry germs if they are not sanitized regularly. Students are being asked to keep their phones in their bags at all times while in the studio or leave them at home if possible. Outside shoes should be place.



~ Students should plan to eat before coming to the studio. If they require food while there they should sanitize their hands thoroughly and then exit the studio to eat, sanitizing their hands again upon return.