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Established in 1989, The Ballet Studio has been serving our community with dance instruction and expertise for over 30 years. Gem Binstead, a graduate of The National Ballet School of Canada’s elite teaching program, started the studio with a vision to keep the soul of dance alive in all those that wanted to dance. The studio works with dancers of all ages and skill levels and thrives to maintain a focus on keeping the love and passion of dance alive in our community.

We now offer a wider range of adult classes and just because we know you’ll love them, if you are new to our school the first class is on us! 

We all have a story to share.

Let’s stay 

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Meet The Team


Gem Binstead

Owner / Director


Bekky Meier



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unit 10 - 34100 S. Fraser Way

abbotsford, bc

phone | 604.854.2007

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